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Ochre is a Tier 1 recruitment agency and holds National Service Agreements with ASX listed companies.

Employment Unit 

Ochre have over 10,000 Nationally registered candidates on its database. The breakdown of the personnel currently available on the database is listed below. 

The database is growing on a daily basis and Ochre is managing the complex application of the recruitment process through the utilisation of the JobAdder software system. 

Ochre’s aim is to compete with the mainstream labour hire and recruitment companies with the same tools and best industry practices. Ochre provides the end to end recruitment and/or labour hire process on behalf of our clients. We do this by finding, screening, pre-qualifying, gap training (where necessary), mobilising and then pay rolling each of our candidates. 

Ochre takes all the hard work away from the client.  Ochre can manage the whole process where and when required and utilises the scope, experience and expertise of our Employment Unit to maximise our claim to be the leading specialists in the supply of Contract and/or Permanent labour solutions.

Contract Labour 

Ochre is currently able to provide but not limited to the list of experienced personnel to fill the following roles: 

  • Mobile Plant Operators 
  • Skilled Labourers 
  • Professional White Collar (Clerks, Administrators, Mentors & Senior candidates) 
  • Qualified Tradespeople 
  • TA’s 
  • Para-professionals 
  • Hospitality Staff 
  • Catering Staff 
  • Gardeners/Landscapers 
  • Warehousing and Logistics 
  • Apprentices 
  • Trainees 

Permanent Placements 

To fill our client company’s permanent staff requirements, Ochre has the ability to source your required personnel needs anywhere in Australia with our extensive use of technology and established and vast networks. Our networking capabilities within the Indigenous communities is an advantage we have over and above our mainstream competitors and it also allows Ochre the ability to source candidates from a wide variety of working and educational backgrounds and regional and remote areas. Already, Ochre has won contracts with Mining and Resources companies, Construction Companies, Federal Agencies, Universities and State-wide Utilities Organisations to find top quality and specifically skilled candidates to fill identified roles. 

Our client companies have identified that Indigenous Employment and Recruitment is a specialised field, one that should be outsourced to specialised businesses. Ochre takes the hard work out of this subject so our clients can concentrate on what they know best. Ochre is also able to add the extra benefit of assisting our clients to win the next round of multi-million dollar contracts by meeting all of the KPI and contractual requirements


  1. Request is received from client about what role needs to be filled.
  2. Ochre firstly utilises our own organically grown database of Indigenous candidates. We then advertise on our sister company, iWork’s internal job board, social media etc. Applicants are then received and collected automatically via our recruitment specific software system, Jobadder.
  3. Ochre then pre-screens all applicants depending on what the client has specified in terms of skills, experience, licenses, etc. Interviews are conducted with shortlisted applicants.
  4. Those applicants who have been further shortlisted after interview are then reviewed for final selection by the client.
  5. Once final selection has been made by the client and a mobilisation date is confirmed, Ochre then ensures the candidates are site ready, depending on which company they are heading to. All medicals, licensing and ticketing is managed by Ochre.
  6. Once candidates are fully site ready they are then mobilised to the candidates project or workplace. Once on site, all worksheets are sent back to Ochre on a weekly basis.
  7. Ochre pays the candidates on a weekly basis. All statutory obligations such as super, taxes, and workers compensation are managed by the Ochre payroll unit.

Ochre has roles available across all industries.

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